Hey Girls!  I am Natalie, a Texan by birth but a New Yorker at heart.  I grew up in El Paso and headed off to the “Big Apple” to pursue a degree in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute.  After years of designing children’s clothes in the hustle and bustle of New York my husband and I decided to pack up and move back to Texas, and here we are!

 I knew from the minute I planned my own wedding that it was in my blood!  I am an artist who loves a good list! I love putting all the little details together to create an amazing event and then being the woman behind the curtain to create the magic. 

My wedding day was the most amazing day of my life and I want to create that experience for all my brides and their guests. I whole heartedly believe in love, marriage and happily ever after.  I can’t go to pre-marital counseling with you but I can make sure you have less to discuss when you get there.


Hi ya'll! I’m Raleigh, an Alabama native who moved to Texas for a new adventure. After graduating from the University of North Alabama in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Business and Fine Arts, I thought I would put my creative and organizational skills to good use. Wedding planning gives me the opportunity to be innovative and detailed.

Most of my inspiration comes from growing up in the South. Proper etiquette, good food, and good music are the key to any good party. I also have a special place in my heart for floral design and beautiful tablescapes. 

You can count on me to pay attention to the tiniest things! But I think my specialty is keeping you sane throughout the planning process and on the big day! I am calm, cool, and collected, and I will make sure your wedding day is carefree and fun!





Who is this handsome man you ask?  Well, that’s my husband and officiant for hire, Matt Arrufat; football coach and teacher by day, officiant by night.  He got his start in public speaking as a groomsmen in multiple weddings. He’s basically the guy version of 27 Dresses.  He’s eloquent, funny, sentimental, thoughtful, and gives your ceremony the respect and love it deserves.   

Locker room pep talks and pep rallies has given him a knack for public speaking and running a ceremony.  60 hours a week of strategizing a game plan every week has made him a mastermind for planning a wedding. 

He has had to jump in on numerous occasions to help me out and now he runs events on his own.  He has been attacked by bees in the middle of a field while sending the bridal party down the aisle, he’s thrown his back out lifting giant urns filled with floral arrangements, he scared off a bunch of German tourists trying to do a wine tasting right before a ceremony began, he was carried down a hill by flood waters during a monsoon, and he organized the Plan B bride and groom send off during a tornado warning, just to name a few. Each one of these crazy scenarios, he handled with poise and composure.  He has a way of organizing a crowd and getting them to listen to everything he has to say.  Many clients have said, they don’t know what I would have done without him.    


Hi, I’m Gayle Hart (a.k.a. mom).  If you get an email from me, you probably owe us money!  Just kidding, but you might.  I keepthe books, the babies, and Natalie sane.  I got my start in El Paso at my mother’s bakery The Greggerson Cake Cottage.  I worked my way through college making wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and shower cakes.  I then went on to begin a long and successful career with At&T.  After years in the corporate world, I retired so I could slow down a bit.  Little did I know I was going to be an “unpaid intern.”  It’s so funny how things come full circle. Once again, I am part of the bride’s big day.  I still bake all the time and have been known to make killer biscochos and other goodies for our brides!  

Natalie got her obsession with Post It notes from me!  She used to hate waking up to a to do list plastered on the bathroom mirror in Post it notes.  Now, she can’t get enough of them and it’s how we keep all of the details to your big day organized and on track.  I help with vendor recommendations, scheduling appointments,  and all of the DIY projects.   All of my life, I have heard, “Mom, just trust me,” when Natalie gets an idea and it always comes together how she envisioned, so now I just go with it.  I am the logistics and trouble shooting department and together we pull it off!