2019 Wedding Season Trends

Your wedding day is an extremely big day, so it is expected for you to want everything about it to stand out.

This is where wedding trends come in rather useful.


In this age of Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards, there has never been more pressure when planning a wedding. Top dresses, trendy colors and wedding styles for 2019, any kind of wedding – rustic, chic, minimalistic, or a modern one in metallic and neon – all in one gallery.

Below you’ll find the hottest wedding trends for this year to help inspire you and make your big day memorable.

Trend #1: Neon

Neon wedding signs promise to be one of the top 2019 wedding trends around. You can use neon lights for just about every aspect of your wedding.

Replace traditional wooden signage with neon signs for sweet romantic sentiments like ‘Mr and Mrs’, ‘happily ever after’, or love you to the moon and back’.

Neon lights also make a great background for photos. You can make cursive lettering using neon signs rendered in pastel colors.

Trend #2: Hanging Flowers Décor

Turn your garden into the place of your dreams!


Are you planning a country or boho wedding? If so, use the hanging flowers décor to make your wedding guests feel the beauty of nature.

The hanging flowers décor can turn a simple barn or tent or backyard into a fairy tale forest. Imagine having wisteria flowers hanging low from the ceiling with a variety of floral arrangements. What can be more festive?

Hanging flower décor is relatively inexpensive as compared to lush flower decorations.

Trend #3: Clear Acrylic Wedding Decor

Clear acrylic wedding décor can make even a lush wedding party one of the trendiest events of the year. It’ll add elegance to a minimalist, low-key event. Whatever kind of wedding you are planning to have, you can count on clear acrylic elements for some style.

They also give the impression of an expensive wedding party.

These decorations are light and may look fragile, but you would be surprised to find out that they are also more durable than traditional glass. They are virtually impossible to break.

Trend #4: Wedding Balloon Decorations Ideas

Balloon decorations are great both for indoors and outdoors.

While often associated with birthdays, balloons make amazing wedding decorations. In fact, they are becoming one of the newest and craziest wedding trends for 2019.

You can use them at your wedding reception, for bride and groom sculptures, centerpieces, columns, or even balloon arches.

Trend #5: Epic Bridal Gown Sleeves

Bridal wedding dresses with sleeves are becoming more and more common in 2019. The Royal Wedding may have showed off a more graceful structure and classic silhouettes, but brides in 2019 are looking to push all the borders with their gowns.


You can add some style by adding tinted beading and feathers, sleek, twisted satin, and billowing fabric and embroidered detailing.

Trend #6: Colorful Groom Attire

The “Parade of Handsome” is sure to ensue in 2019. No longer does the fun have to be saved for the jacket lining (which is hidden) or for the socks (which are again hidden).

Expect grooms to show off their true colors through wedding fashion this year.

Trend #7: Food

Wedding couples are becoming more inventive and personal when it comes to choosing their wedding receptions. Sure, be they small, intimate gatherings or grand and formal, sit-down dinners will always be popular.

However, couples in 2019 are looking for something more than just the typical buffet selection. So expect to see themed food stations – think tacos stands, custom pizzas, raw seafood bars, and more.

The same is true for custom cocktails, drink options and late-night snacks.

Trend #8: Invitation Suits and Event Branding

Invitation suites and event branding like napkins, menus and signage have been consistently growing in popularity in the recent past and shows no signs of slowing down.


Expect to see some more uniqueness on features like color-blocking, wax seals, custom watercolors and illustrations, and geometric cutouts.

Cohesive and consistent event branding, no matter the style, is becoming more and more commonplace in weddings.

Trend #9: Dahlia

Dahlia is changing the stereotype. Gone are the days where roses ruled all the weddings.

What makes Dahlia such a game-changer in wedding scenes?

Dahlia adds texture to any flower design. They can be incorporated into any color scheme as they come in a range of vibrant colors.

Trend #10: White and Greenery Minimalism

This comes as no surprise. Eco-friendliness and minimalistic design are among the top trends this year. It’s one of the most universal design patterns and it adds style to any kind of wedding.

A combination of forest or fern green, and alabaster white or egg shell is particularly popular.

Modern city hall wedding, beach wedding, country wedding, boho wedding – you can apply white and greenery minimalism to any style possible.

Trend #11: Metallic Details

Shimmery wedding décor is one more trend of 2019.

Does it matter which metal you choose?

Of course not, you can choose any metal as the main theme. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the color. It needs to be the same.

Titanium, Platinum, Rose Gold, Copper, Silver, Gold – all of these metallic colors are high on the list of 2019 wedding season trends.

Trend #12: Wedding Hairstyles


The wedding style dictates every style, even the hairstyle. Braids, half up half downs and messy updos are particularly popular this year. Others include a sleek ponytail, an intricate hairpin with leaves and flowers, and a bit of baby breath, woven into your hair.

Planning a wedding this year? Here are 12 wedding trends you should know about. These will make your wedding unique in that people who attended will love to talk about it.