Why Planning Your Wedding Before You’re Engaged Can Be a Great Idea

While many couples start planning their wedding after their engagement, not all people follow the same path.

You might be surprised how common it is to plan your marriage prior to getting engaged. As the most popular venues book even years in advance, more couples relieve the stress by planning before the question is popped.

In this article, you'll learn about the various reasons for early wedding planning. With our experience in wedding planning in San Antonio, Texas we’ve gathered some easy ideas for planning the important day before the engagement.


How serious are the pre-engagement wedding plans?

Some couples go beyond creating wedding dream boards or watching inspiring videos. They take practical steps, such as booking a venue or meeting a wedding planner. These are activities that do more than just cement the mutual understanding of a dream wedding.

Why can early wedding planning be a great idea?

Let's look at some of the top reasons why people start planning their wedding earlier than usual:



Some people want to get married only during the summer or spring.


Others want the wedding to take place on a specific date, such as a special anniversary. In these cases, it makes sense to start planning early enough even if you're not engaged yet.



Weddings call for photographers, wedding planners, videographers, and other people helping to make it memorable. Depending on the time and place of the wedding, their schedules might be tight. Especially during the peak wedding seasons. Sometimes booking ahead may even save you money in the form of early-bird discounts.

Elaborate proposal

You might find that planning the wedding early makes the proposal even more special. People who highly value that moment feel planning other things ahead gives them more time to focus on making the proposal more special. This could include a surprising time and place or smaller details that make their partner feel cherished.


How to plan your wedding before you're engaged

Now you know some of the reasons why people start planning their weddings way before the actual engagement. Let's move forward and look at sensible ways you can start arranging the wedding prior to wearing the ring.

Pinterest board

If you want to start planning your wedding before getting engaged, setting up a Pinterest board is one of the easiest ways. You can do it alone or with your partner.


Setting up this virtual board allows you to collect anything from colour palettes to venue decorations. Having all of the inspiring photos in one place delivers a great kickstart for the wedding planning activities.


Going to weddings

What could be a better way to get inspiration than visiting other weddings. Pay attention to all the little details that make the event more enjoyable and maximize the venue's potential.  

Seeing how other people's wedding ceremonies and parties turn out gives you a chance to learn from their mistakes. You'll know which are the most common ones and how to avoid them.


Price check

Proper budgeting is important as it helps you to keep the finances under control and set realistic expectations. The prices in the wedding world can be surprisingly steep. It's better to know the price tag on different services and products beforehand. This way, you'll know exactly what really fits in your budget.


Planning the guest list

While jotting down an actual guest list might be too much, you can still start thinking about the people you want to invite. If your partner is open for discussing this, try to put together a mock list.


Knowing the rough number of attendees helps to see which kind of venues have potential. You might discover that some of the venues you have been eyeing are either too small or big for the number of expected guests.


Browsing honeymoon destinations

How about a villa room in the Napa Valley complete with an authentic wine tour? Or a luxurious honeymoon treehouse in the Costa Rican rainforest?

When you start researching for the ultimate honeymoon destination, you'll find an overwhelming number of options. That's why it's recommended to start checking the accommodation and packages as early as possible.


The bottom line: why planning your wedding before you’re engaged can be a great idea

Today, it's not uncommon to see couples planning their weddings before they’re even engaged.

There are numerous practical reasons, such as selecting the perfect wedding time and booking the venue along with photographers before they are fully booked.

You can start doing early wedding planning by thinking about the number of guests you want to have. You can take it further from there and see what kind of venues fit your dream wedding Pinterest board and guest numbers.

Going to weddings can help inspire you. Keep an eye out for beautiful decorations, fantastic catering, and little thoughtful touches. Plus, when you see something that doesn't work well, you can learn from their mistakes before going through with your own wedding.