How to Prepare Your Daughter to Be a Perfect Flower Girl

What’s a wedding in San Antonio without a flower girl throwing petals down the aisle?

It's a beautiful part of the ceremony.


Times are changing, though. There are venues that don't allow the petals to be scattered over the floor. Instead, they choose to use other creative flower girl alternatives.

Whatever the particular approach, the flower girl role often gets downplayed. 

There are ways to better prepare your daughter to be a perfect flower girl. We'll take a closer look at how to make the whole experience as enjoyable as possible.


What do flower girls do?

The flower girl's duties depend on the particular wedding. Usually, the flower girl walks in front of the bride or maid of honor. While walking, she throws flower petals on her way.

But today, some venues have stopped allowing the scattering of petals across the aisle. As a result, many flower girls carry a basket full of flowers or have a nice flower bouquet in their arms.

After walking down the aisle, flower girls tend to feature in the wedding photos. Depending on their age, they will stand in different places in the photos. Younger girls sit with their (grand)parents during the ceremony. Older girls may stand at the altar together with the bridesmaid.


Things to do before the wedding

Was your daughter picked to be the flower girl?

The first step you should take is to explain what this role means and what kind of responsibilities she will have. Assure that everything is understood.


Encourage her and explain that she has an important role in the wedding. Describe all the steps that she has to take during the ceremony. After the first introduction, it's time to find the perfect flower girl gown

Look for a gown that isn't difficult to take off and that matches the dress. Everything should look great for the photos.

Limit the number of accessories. Bows, gloves, sashes, and necklaces look great. But younger girls will hesitate to wear too many extras. The best option would be to select one or two of your favourites.

Avoid dressing up too early. There are an endless number of ways to ruin the outfit before the wedding. Have the flower girl wear her regular clothes for as long as possible. Take the portraits straight after dressing. And when the ceremony ends, if possible, have her feature in the portraits before the others.


Practice makes perfect

Flower girl practice is essential. You'll have the ability to correct any mistakes before the actual ceremony takes place.

It's important that the flower girl role isn't a burden for her. She should have a lot of fun.

While practicing, explain that she should throw the flowers evenly across the aisle. This is the most important 'requirement' after the scattering hand motion itself. If things don't look right at first, give her time to learn and maintain a positive attitude.


How to deal with stage fright?

Being a flower girl can provoke some anxiety. This is especially true for girls that are shyer and more reserved than others. Luckily, there are many steps you can take to make the flower girl's experience less frightening.


1. Let her walk in front of the maid of honor. If the flower girl gets stage fright, then the maid of honor can escort her.

2. When she isn't scattering any petals, you could have her carry a favourite doll or teddy bear. For example, the teddy bear could have wedding attire. It makes the scene cute and perfect for all the photoshoots. 

3. Seat her (grand)parents in the front. That way, the flower girl can see them while walking down the aisle. They are able to smile and encourage her along the way.

4. Two flower girls walking together gives them more confidence. Another option is to have a page boy and flower girl walking down the aisle side-by-side.

5. Give the flower girl something to do right before the ceremony starts. This helps to calm the nerves.

6. Give the flower girl a gift. If she's nervous before the ceremony, you can give the gift before hand.

7. Introduce your flower girl to the bridesmaids. This way, she'll see more familiar faces during the ceremony. More familiarity reduces anxious feelings.


What else to keep in mind?

Have realistic expectations about her performance. While it's an important day, a small mistake isn't the end of the world. Don't worry about this too much.


The bottom line: how to prepare a flower girl?

Flower girls make weddings in San Antonio more colourful and memorable. However, it can be expected for your daughter to be both excited and worried about her role.


There are numerous steps you can take to ease the nerves. For example, introduce her to the bridesmaids and keep her busy before the ceremony. 

Practicing is never a bad idea. Do a few rehearsals to see if everything goes according to the plan. Finally, don't put too much pressure on her. While the wedding is an important day, you should have realistic expectations about your daughter’s performance. Remember, a small mistake isn’t that big of a deal at the end of the day.