Planning Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit



You’ve planned, scheduled, and organized your big day within an inch of your life and now it is actually here.

So exciting!

Time to take a big breath and take a break from organizing, right?

Not quite – it’s now time to put together your wedding day emergency kit.

This kit will be your savior to the bridesmaid with a blister, the solution to that lose dress thread and the answer to your makeup mishaps.

In other words, it is essential.


The Essential Wedding Day Emergency Kit


There are definitely some items that find themselves on every wedding emergency kit. And, they’re there for a reason! Don’t forget these essential wedding emergency kit items:



It might be the first time you’re hearing of it, but chalk is the perfect thing to cover up any wedding dress stains. Keep a stick or two handies. Talcum powder works, too!



You mother-in-law is complaining about a headache and you’re threatening to lose your temper. Throw the pack of painkillers at her instead.



For your mother-in-law after a pack of paracetamol accidentally hits her in the face.


(Blister) Plasters

Your shoes were designed with aesthetics in mind, after all.


Spare (flat) shoes

Because your evening dancing skills shouldn’t be hindered by your beautiful day time shoes.


Water and energy drinks

We bet that your wedding day wake-up time isn’t leisurely. Make sure you help yourself stay awake by keeping hydrated (and caffeinated!)



That first kiss as a married couple is an important one!


Hair and makeup bag


Complete with: face wipes, deodorant, perfume, lipstick, lip balm, waterproof mascara, concealer, nail glue, blotting sheets, cotton buds, sun cream, tissues, hair pins, hairbrush, tweezers, mirror, tampons and pads, mirror, nail file and hair bands (and anything else you need to stay flawless).

Even if you don’t end up crying at the altar, somebody’s makeup is bound to run!



Don’t spend 20 minutes getting lipstick applied and then smudge it the first time you have a drink.


Sewing kit

Complete with: scissors, safety pins, needle and thread

It’s possible. Luckily your sewing kit can come to the rescue.


Phone chargers

We doubt you’ll be on your phone that much during your big day, but you’ll still want it to be fully charged when you need it.

Remember: try to have everything as travel-sized as possible and, as the bride, don’t think you’ll be expected to carry this kit about! It’s a great idea to dedicate somebody else to organize the kit on the day so you can just grab what you need when you need it.


The Extras - The Ultimate Kit Prep


So, you’ve got the essentials covered. The main catastrophes averted. But you still feel like you could be a little bit more organized.

Here’s our absolute ultimate Wedding Day Emergency kit list – leaving nothing to chance and covering any eventuality!


Extra earring backs

Seriously, in the stress of getting ready, it’s amazing how easily earring backs can disappear. Keep a little box full of such little emergencies.



Get both types: hemming for any wardrobe malfunctions when a needle and thread will take too much time, and body tape for when your bridesmaid’s dress just isn’t behaving.


Toothbrush and toothpaste

You won’t be the only one. So many brides and grooms forget to brush their teeth in the morning, caught up in the excitement of the big day! 



You’ll never know when you need it. The vending machine at the venue might only take coins!



Just in case you forget the cash and you’re feeling a bit hangry.



For after the hangry snacking.



You wouldn’t believe the number of bridesmaids who get their dress on and go “whoops! I forgot to shave!”


Eye drops

Ideal for anybody, but especially important if you’re wearing contact lenses as your eyes could get a bit dry throughout the day.


Spare contact lenses

You just never know, always have spares!


Anti-allergy medication

Be gone, hay fever dramas!


A pair of extra tights (or three)

Ladders happen, and your bridesmaids may not be as organized as you!




What if everybody else’s lighters broke and the candles needed lighting for the evening do? Or, more realistically, you might need to pop out for some ‘fresh air’ without panicking because your lighter has gone walkabouts.



Who knows what these might come in handy for. Maybe nothing. But maybe something.


Shoe polish

For if your pageboy is channeling his inner scruff.



It doesn’t matter if the forecast is glorious. Umbrellas are always a good idea.



Well, you might need a cheeky sip or two to calm those giddy nerves.


So there you have it!

Do you feel prepared?

You should – you’re almost there!

And the wedding emergency kit is just the cherry on top of the wedding cake to give you that extra piece of mind.

The best thing about these kits is that you can completely DIY them or you can buy complete wedding kits online – meaning you don’t even need to do anything.

Hope this helps (and that you'll never need to use it)!